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Issue #2216563 by jhodgdon: Fill in @defgroup/topic docs for Object Oriented Programming overview.

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* @{
* PSR-4, namespaces, class naming, and other conventions.
* @todo write this
* Additional documentation paragraphs need to be written, and functions,
* classes, and interfaces need to be added to this topic.
* See and links therein for references. This
* should be an overview and link to details. It needs to cover: PSR-*,
* namespaces, link to reference on OO, class naming conventions (base classes,
* etc.), and other things developers should know related to object-oriented
* coding.
* A lot of the PHP code in Drupal is object oriented (OO), making use of
* @link PHP classes, interfaces, and traits @endlink
* (which are loosely referred to as "classes" in the rest of this topic). The
* following conventions and standards apply to this version of Drupal:
* - Each class must be in its own file.
* - Classes must be namespaced. If a module defines a class, the namespace
* must start with \Drupal\module_name. If it is defined by Drupal Core for
* use across many modules, the namespace should be \Drupal\Core or
* \Drupal\Component, with the exception of the global class \Drupal. See
* for more about namespaces.
* - In order for the PSR-4-based class auto-loader to find the class, it must
* be located in a directory corresponding to the namespace. For
* module-defined classes, if the namespace is \Drupal\module_name\foo\bar,
* then the class goes under the main module directory in directory
* src/foo/bar. For Drupal-wide classes, if the namespace is
* \Drupal\Core\foo\bar, then it goes in directory
* core/lib/Drupal/Core/foo/bar. See for
* more information about PSR-4.
* - Some classes have annotations added to their documentation headers. See
* the @link annotation Annotation topic @endlink for more information.
* - Standard plugin discovery requires particular namespaces and annotation
* for most plugin classes. See the
* @link plugin_api Plugin API topic @endlink for more information.
* - There are project-wide coding standards for OO code, including naming:
* - Documentation standards for classes are covered on:
* @}
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