Commit 4112202c authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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Issue #1881992 by mitron, karschsp: Remove () global.

parent 3721e4d2
......@@ -716,7 +716,7 @@ function drupal_settings_initialize() {
global $base_url, $base_path, $base_root, $script_path;
// Export these settings.php variables to the global namespace.
global $databases, $cookie_domain, $conf, $installed_profile, $db_url, $db_prefix, $drupal_hash_salt, $is_https, $base_secure_url, $base_insecure_url, $config_directories;
global $databases, $cookie_domain, $conf, $installed_profile, $db_prefix, $drupal_hash_salt, $is_https, $base_secure_url, $base_insecure_url, $config_directories;
$conf = array();
// Make conf_path() available as local variable in settings.php.
......@@ -392,11 +392,8 @@ function install_begin_request(&$install_state) {
else {
$task = NULL;
// Do not install over a configured settings.php. Check the 'db_url'
// variable in addition to 'databases', since previous versions of Drupal
// used that (and we do not want to allow installations on an existing site
// whose settings file has not yet been updated).
if (!empty($GLOBALS['databases']) || !empty($GLOBALS['db_url'])) {
// Do not install over a configured settings.php.
if (!empty($GLOBALS['databases'])) {
throw new Exception(install_already_done_error());
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