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Issue #1479220 by sudiptadas19, guilhermevp, InternetDevels, paulocs, David...

Issue #1479220 by sudiptadas19, guilhermevp, InternetDevels, paulocs, David Jeyachandran, mondrake, jhodgdon, joachim: Add return documentation for Merge::execute()

(cherry picked from commit 477095b7)
parent 9d892208
......@@ -351,6 +351,21 @@ public function key($field, $value = NULL) {
public function __toString() {
* Executes the merge database query.
* @return
* One of the following values:
* - Merge::STATUS_INSERT: If the entry does not already exist,
* and an INSERT query is executed.
* - Merge::STATUS_UPDATE: If the entry already exists,
* and an UPDATE query is executed.
* - NULL: (deprecated) If there is a problem and
* queryOptions['throw_exception'] is FALSE.
* @throws \Drupal\Core\Database\Query\InvalidMergeQueryException
* When there are no conditions found to merge.
public function execute() {
try {
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