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Issue #1263644 by jhodgdon, ultimateboy, webchick: Define what being in MAINTAINERS.txt means.

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Drupal core is maintained by the community. To participate, go to
The people listed here have agreed to do more quality assurance work for
particular areas of Drupal. All of them are subject to change.
Drupal core is built and maintained by the Drupal project community. Everyone is
encouraged to submit issues and changes (patches) to improve Drupal, and to
contribute in other ways -- see to find out how.
Branch maintainers
Drupal 8
The Drupal Core branch maintainers oversee the development of Drupal as a
whole. The branch mainainers for Drupal 8 are:
- Dries Buytaert 'dries' <>
- Nathaniel Catchpole 'catch' <>
Component maintainers
The Drupal Core component maintainers oversee the development of Drupal
subsystems. See for more
information on their responsibilities, and to find out how to become a component
maintainer. Current component maintainers for Drupal 8:
Ajax system
- Alex Bronstein 'effulgentsia' <>
- Randy Fay 'rfay' <>
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