Commit 38fd4ceb authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #2879512 by bkosborne: Path aliases can be forgotten after a cache...

Issue #2879512 by bkosborne: Path aliases can be forgotten after a cache rebuild due to race condition in CacheCollector
parent aee577b8
......@@ -246,6 +246,18 @@ protected function updateCache($lock = TRUE) {
$data = array_merge($cache->data, $data);
elseif ($this->cacheCreated) {
// Getting here indicates that there was a cache entry at the
// beginning of the request, but now it's gone (some other process
// must have cleared it). We back out to prevent corrupting the cache
// with incomplete data, since we won't be able to properly merge
// the existing cache data from earlier with the new data.
// A future request will properly hydrate the cache from scratch.
if ($lock) {
// Remove keys marked for deletion.
foreach ($this->keysToRemove as $delete_key) {
......@@ -216,4 +216,62 @@ public function testWhitelist() {
$this->assertEqual($memoryCounterBackend->getCounter('set', 'path_alias_whitelist'), 0);
* Tests situation where the whitelist cache is deleted mid-request.
public function testWhitelistCacheDeletionMidRequest() {
// Prepare database table.
$connection = Database::getConnection();
$memoryCounterBackend = new MemoryCounterBackend();
// Create AliasManager and Path object.
$aliasStorage = new AliasStorage($connection, $this->container->get('module_handler'));
$whitelist = new AliasWhitelist('path_alias_whitelist', $memoryCounterBackend, $this->container->get('lock'), $this->container->get('state'), $aliasStorage);
$aliasManager = new AliasManager($aliasStorage, $whitelist, $this->container->get('language_manager'), $memoryCounterBackend);
// Whitelist cache should not exist at all yet.
// Add some aliases for both menu routes we have.
$aliasStorage->save('/admin/something', '/' . $this->randomMachineName());
$aliasStorage->save('/user/something', '/' . $this->randomMachineName());
// Lookup admin path in whitelist. It will query the DB and figure out
// that it indeed has an alias, and add it to the internal whitelist and
// flag it to be peristed to cache.
// Destruct the whitelist so it persists its cache.
$this->assertEquals($memoryCounterBackend->getCounter('set', 'path_alias_whitelist'), 1);
// Cache data should have data for 'user' and 'admin', even though just
// 'admin' was looked up. This is because the cache is primed with all
// menu router base paths.
$this->assertEquals(['user' => FALSE, 'admin' => TRUE], $memoryCounterBackend->get('path_alias_whitelist')->data);
// Re-initialize the the whitelist and lookup an alias for the 'user' path.
// Whitelist should load data from its cache, see that it hasn't done a
// check for 'user' yet, perform the check, then mark the result to be
// persisted to cache.
$whitelist = new AliasWhitelist('path_alias_whitelist', $memoryCounterBackend, $this->container->get('lock'), $this->container->get('state'), $aliasStorage);
// Delete the whitelist cache. This could happen from an outside process,
// like a code deployment that performs a cache rebuild.
// Destruct whitelist so it attempts to save the whitelist data to cache.
// However it should recognize that the previous cache entry was deleted
// from underneath it and not save anything to cache, to protect from
// cache corruption.
$this->assertEquals($memoryCounterBackend->getCounter('set', 'path_alias_whitelist'), 0);
......@@ -327,7 +327,8 @@ public function testUpdateCacheDelete() {
// invalidation.
->with($this->cid, TRUE);
->with($this->cid, TRUE)
->with($this->cid, [], Cache::PERMANENT, []);
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