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Issue #2795845 by effulgentsia, xjm, dawehner, cilefen, alexpott, timmillwood, Gábor Hojtsy, Wim Leers, chx, Cottser, catch, vaplas: Add changelog for Drupal 8.2.0
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Drupal 8.2.0, 2016-10-05
- Updated the git repository configuration to not normalize line endings for
files of unknown type.
- Added vendor libraries:
* Added Stack/Cors 1.0.0.
- Updated vendor libraries:
* Updated to jQuery 2.2.3.
* Updated to Twig 1.24.
* Updated to CKEditor 4.5.11.
* Updated to Symfony Routing 1.4.0.
* Updated to Stack/Builder 1.0.4.
* Updated to Guzzle 6.2.1.
* Updated to paragonie/random_compat 2.0.2.
- Added modules:
* Added the Place Block module (experimental) to place a block on any page
without having to navigate to the backend administration form.
* Added the Settings Tray module (experimental) to edit the configuration of
any block on the page. Its machine name in this release is "outside_in".
* Added the Content Moderation module (experimental) to define and use
workflow states such as Draft, Archived and Published. This functionality
was previously provided by the contributed module Workbench Moderation.
* Added the Datetime Range module (experimental) that provides a new field
type with support for start and end dates.
- Raised stability levels of experimental modules:
* Updated the BigPipe module from alpha to beta.
* See for more
information about the stability levels of experimental modules.
- Improved authoring features:
* Relative URLs are automatically converted to absolute ones when content
is output to an RSS feed.
* Enabled revisions by default on new node types.
* Added a redirect option to site-wide contact forms.
* Whenever a new entity is created, a link to it is now provided in a
status message, for easy access to it regardless of the form workflow.
* Styled CKEditor dialogs to match Drupal dialogs.
- Improved site administration experience:
* Numerous improvements to user interface text.
- Improved site building features:
* Added the ability to remove a module's content entities prior to
* Made it possible to select the comment view mode in the formatter form.
* Fixed the Migrate module to skip over migration sources that require
code from uninstalled modules.
- Improved REST API and decoupled site features:
* Added support for reading (GET) configuration entities as REST resources.
* Added dedicated resources for user login, logout and registration.
* Added support for selecting an authentication provider as part of the
configuration of a REST Export Views Display.
* Added a cors.config service parameter for enabling and configuring
cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
* Simplified REST configuration with per-resource configuration entities
and less verbose configuration structure. (The previous, advanced
configuration structure is also still supported.)
* Improved the response messages and status codes for requests with missing
or incorrect headers.
* Improved responses to PATCH requests to entity resources to contain the
updated entity in the response body.
- Improved developer APIs:
* Added support for specifying the field item delta as part of an entity
query condition. This was possible in Drupal 7 via
EntityFieldQuery::fieldDeltaCondition(), but missing from earlier
versions of Drupal 8.
- Improved performance/scalability:
* In the internal page cache, 404 responses are now cached for a shorter
time (1 hour by default), to consume less space.
* Breadcrumbs are now cached by the parent of the path rather than the full
path, for fewer cache entries and higher cache hit rates.
- Changed coding standards:
* Local variables and parameters can now use camelCase.
* A blank line is now required after the <?php opening tag.
- Testing improvements:
* Increased feature parity of BrowserTestBase with WebTestBase, including a
deprecated AssertLegacyTrait for easier conversions.
* Converted all kernel tests to the PHPUnit-based kernel test API.
* Improved error reporting for all PHPUnit tests (including unit, kernel,
browser, and JavaScript tests).
Drupal 8.1.0, 2016-04-20
- Removed Composer-managed vendor from the git repository:
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