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- Patch #602586 by dww: document authorize.php killswitch in default.settings.php.

parent 02209961
......@@ -343,3 +343,19 @@
# $conf['blocked_ips'] = array(
# 'a.b.c.d',
# );
* Authorized file system operations:
* The Update manager module included with Drupal provides a mechanism for
* site administrators to securely install missing updates for the site
* directly through the web user interface by providing either SSH or FTP
* credentials. This allows the site to update the new files as the user who
* owns all the Drupal files, instead of as the user the webserver is running
* as. However, some sites might wish to disable this functionality, and only
* update the code directly via SSH or FTP themselves. This setting completely
* disables all functionality related to these authorized file operations.
* Remove the leading hash signs to disable.
# $conf['allow_authorize_operations'] = FALSE;
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