Commit 2d4c3c65 authored by jhodgdon's avatar jhodgdon
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Issue #794192 by kim.pepper: add note to hook_update_N docs about calling functions from modules

parent db70370b
......@@ -2876,6 +2876,10 @@ function hook_install() {
* the same directory as mymodule.module. Drupal core's updates are implemented
* using the system module as a name and stored in database/
* Not all module functions are available from within a hook_update_N() function.
* In order to call a function from your mymodule.module or an include file,
* you need to explicitly load that file first.
* If your update task is potentially time-consuming, you'll need to implement a
* multipass update to avoid PHP timeouts. Multipass updates use the $sandbox
* parameter provided by the batch API (normally, $context['sandbox']) to store
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