Commit 2c038688 authored by Jennifer Hodgdon's avatar Jennifer Hodgdon
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Issue #2175765 by alexpott, Gábor Hojtsy: Fix comment in...

Issue #2175765 by alexpott, Gábor Hojtsy: Fix comment in system_theme_default() to not refer to obsolete function
parent 906b84a6
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ function system_theme_default() {
// Rebuild the menu. This duplicates the menu_router_rebuild() in
// theme_enable(). However, modules must know the current default theme in
// order to use this information in hook_menu() or hook_menu_alter()
// implementations, and doing the variable_set() before the theme_enable()
// implementations, and saving the configuration before the theme_enable()
// could result in a race condition where the theme is default but not
// enabled.
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