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- Patch #259463 by dmitrig01: notification e-mail for pending user...

- Patch #259463 by dmitrig01: notification e-mail for pending user registrations had blank subject line.
parent 35bb57cf
......@@ -1594,7 +1594,7 @@ function _user_mail_text($key, $language = NULL, $variables = array()) {
case 'register_admin_created_body':
return t("!username,\n\nA site administrator at !site has created an account for you. You may now log in to !login_uri using the following username and password:\n\nusername: !username\npassword: !password\n\nYou may also log in by clicking on this link or copying and pasting it in your browser:\n\n!login_url\n\nThis is a one-time login, so it can be used only once.\n\nAfter logging in, you will be redirected to !edit_uri so you can change your password.\n\n\n-- !site team", $variables, $langcode);
case 'register_pending_approval_subject':
case 'pending_approval_admin_subject':
case 'register_pending_approval_admin_subject':
return t('Account details for !username at !site (pending admin approval)', $variables, $langcode);
case 'register_pending_approval_body':
return t("!username,\n\nThank you for registering at !site. Your application for an account is currently pending approval. Once it has been approved, you will receive another e-mail containing information about how to log in, set your password, and other details.\n\n\n-- !site team", $variables, $langcode);
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