Commit 20fe13eb authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #1908906 by jessebeach: Remove unused code from...

Issue #1908906 by jessebeach: Remove unused code from toolbar_pre_render_item() that throws a warning on custom themed tabs.
parent 5e61bc75
......@@ -283,13 +283,6 @@ function theme_toolbar(&$variables) {
function toolbar_pre_render_item($element) {
// Attributes are nested in the #options property passed to l().
// To make the return structure of toolbar_pre_render_item() uniform,
// attributes will always be returned in the #attributes property. These
// properties will be included in the #options parameter passed to l() in
// theme_toolbar_tab().
$element['#attributes'] = $element['tab']['#options']['attributes'];
// If tray content is present, markup the tray and its associated trigger.
if (!empty($element['tray'])) {
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