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#310144 by dvessel: Clarify sort parameter in theme_table() documentation.

parent 458f8f78
......@@ -1224,7 +1224,9 @@ function theme_submenu($links) {
* - "data": The localized title of the table column.
* - "field": The database field represented in the table column (required if
* user is to be able to sort on this column).
* - "sort": A default sort order for this column ("asc" or "desc").
* - "sort": A default sort order for this column ("asc" or "desc"). This
* depends on tablesort_sql() appending sort data when forming queries
* before being passed to theme_table().
* - Any HTML attributes, such as "colspan", to apply to the column header cell.
* @param $rows
* An array of table rows. Every row is an array of cells, or an associative
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