Unverified Commit 1f9a1b64 authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #3040166 by oriol_e9g, Mile23, willzyx, Berdir, alexpott, catch,...

Issue #3040166 by oriol_e9g, Mile23, willzyx, Berdir, alexpott, catch, cilefen: mkdir() fails in BrowserHtmlDebugTrait.php:141 because of a race condition

(cherry picked from commit 2628528d)
parent d53ba183
......@@ -136,9 +136,12 @@ protected function initBrowserOutputFile() {
$this->htmlOutputClassName = str_replace("\\", "_", get_called_class());
$this->htmlOutputDirectory = DRUPAL_ROOT . '/sites/simpletest/browser_output';
// Do not use the file_system service so this method can be called before
// it is available.
if (!is_dir($this->htmlOutputDirectory)) {
mkdir($this->htmlOutputDirectory, 0775, TRUE);
// it is available. Checks !is_dir() twice around mkdir() because a
// concurrent test might have made the directory and caused mkdir() to
// fail. In this case we can still use the directory even though we failed
// to make it.
if (!is_dir($this->htmlOutputDirectory) && !mkdir($this->htmlOutputDirectory, 0775, TRUE) && !is_dir($this->htmlOutputDirectory)) {
throw new \RuntimeException(sprintf('Unable to create directory: %s', $this->htmlOutputDirectory));
if (!file_exists($this->htmlOutputDirectory . '/.htaccess')) {
file_put_contents($this->htmlOutputDirectory . '/.htaccess', "<IfModule mod_expires.c>\nExpiresActive Off\n</IfModule>\n");
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