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Issue #1290710 by heyrocker, xjm, Bojhan: Add Drupal 8 initiative owners to MAINTAINERS.txt.

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......@@ -286,3 +286,30 @@ Seven theme
Stark theme
- John Albin Wilkins 'JohnAlbin' <>
Initiative owners
The Drupal Core Initiatives owners oversee approved projects that re-architect
or otherwise improve large areas of Drupal core. See for more information on
their responsibilities. The initiative owners for Drupal 8 are:
Configuration management
- Greg Dunlap 'heyrocker' <>
- Jeff Burns 'Jeff Burnz' <>
- Jacine Luisi 'Jacine' <>
- John Albin Wilkins 'JohnAlbin' <>
- Gábor Hojtsy 'Gábor Hojtsy' <>
Web services
- Larry Garfield 'Crell' <>
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