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- small fix in account.php

- updated CHANGELOG
parent a1a96ca2
......@@ -14,13 +14,20 @@ drupal 1.xx, xx/xx/2001
* improved search page and integrated search functionality in the administration pages.
- added translation / localization / internationalization support:
* because many people love see their website showing a lot less of English, and far more of their own language, drupal provides a framework to setup a multi-lingual website or to overwrite the default English text in English.
- added fine-grained user permssion (or group) system
- changed the "open submission queue" into a (optional) module
- various updates:
* improved account module:
+ user accounts can be deleted, permissions
* improved block module
* improved cron module
* improved diary module
* improved headline module
* improved diary module:
+ diary can be deleted
* improved headline module:
+ improved parser to support RDF/RSS/XML backend
* improved module module
* improved watchdog module
* added CREDITS file
- revised documentation
drupal 1.00, 15/01/2001
......@@ -315,8 +315,6 @@ function account_email_submit($userid, $email) {
$subject = strtr(t("Account details for %a"), array("%a" => $site_name));
$message = strtr(t("%a,\n\n\nyou requested us to e-mail you a new password for your account at %b. You will need to re-confirm your account or you will not be able to login. To confirm your account updates visit the URL below:\n\n %c\n\nOnce confirmed you can login using the following username and password:\n\n username: %a\n password: %d\n\n\n-- %b team"), array("%a" => $userid, "%b" => $site_name, "%c" => $link, "%d" => $passwd));
print "<PRE>$subject<BR>$message</PRE>";
watchdog("message", "new password: `$userid' &lt;$email&gt;");
mail($email, $subject, $message, "From: noreply");
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