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#995122 by threewestwinds, rfay: Allow textareas and textfields to accept spaces in ajax.

parent 2d9916e6
......@@ -195,13 +195,19 @@ Drupal.ajax = function (base, element, element_settings) {
* The AJAX object will, if instructed, bind to a key press response. This
* will test to see if the key press is valid to trigger this event and
* if it is, trigger it for us and prevent other keypresses from triggering.
* In this case we're handling RETURN and SPACEBAR keypresses (event codes 13
* and 32. RETURN is often used to submit a form when in a textfield, and
* SPACE is often used to activate an element without submitting.
Drupal.ajax.prototype.keypressResponse = function (element, event) {
// Create a synonym for this to reduce code confusion.
var ajax = this;
// Detect enter key and space bar.
if (event.which == 13 || event.which == 32) {
// Detect enter key and space bar and allow the standard response for them,
// except for form elements of type 'text' and 'textarea', where the
// spacebar activation causes inappropriate activation if #ajax['keypress'] is
// TRUE. On a text-type widget a space should always be a space.
if (event.which == 13 || (event.which == 32 && element.type != 'text' && element.type != 'textarea')) {
return false;
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