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- Patch #716718 by joachim, jhodgdon: add notes on security and proper use of...

- Patch #716718 by joachim, jhodgdon: add notes on security and proper use of user_load() to its function documentation.
parent 2c83cf58
......@@ -273,14 +273,24 @@ function attachLoad(&$queried_users, $revision_id = FALSE) {
* Fetch a user object.
* Loads a user object.
* Drupal has a global $user object, which represents the currently-logged-in
* user. So to avoid confusion and to avoid clobbering the global $user object,
* it is a good idea to assign the result of this function to a different local
* variable, generally $account. If you actually do want to act as the user you
* are loading, it is essential to call @code session_save_session(FALSE);
* @endcode first. See @link Safely impersonating
* another user @endlink for more information.
* @param $uid
* Integer specifying the user id.
* Integer specifying the user ID to load.
* @param $reset
* A boolean indicating that the internal cache should be reset.
* TRUE to reset the internal cache and load from the database; FALSE
* (default) to load from the internal cache, if set.
* @return
* A fully-loaded $user object upon successful user load or FALSE if user
* A fully-loaded user object upon successful user load, or FALSE if the user
* cannot be loaded.
* @see user_load_multiple()
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