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- Patch #640646 by Caligan: expanded the API documentation of _book_toc_recurse().

parent ba6d89a4
......@@ -1019,7 +1019,26 @@ function template_preprocess_book_navigation(&$variables) {
* A recursive helper function for book_toc().
* Recursively processes and formats menu items for book_toc().
* This helper function recursively modifies the $toc array for each item in
* $tree, ignoring items in the exclude array or at a depth greater than the
* limit. Truncates titles over thirty characters and appends an indentation
* string incremented by depth.
* @param $tree
* The data structure of the book's menu tree. Includes hidden links.
* @param $indent
* A string appended to each menu item title. Increments by '--' per depth
* level.
* @param $toc
* Reference to the table of contents array. This is modified in place, so the
* function does not have a return value.
* @param $exclude
* Optional array of mlid values. Any link whose mlid is in this array will be
* excluded (along with its children).
* @param $depth_limit
* Any link deeper than this value will be excluded (along with its children).
function _book_toc_recurse($tree, $indent, &$toc, $exclude, $depth_limit) {
foreach ($tree as $data) {
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