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#742972 follow-up by klausi, sun: Fix documentation and tests regarding entity cache clearing.

parent 6c2b8b7d
......@@ -9,14 +9,20 @@
* Implements hook_watchdog().
* This function is called during module_enable() and tries to access entity
* information provided by the module this one depends on. The information is
* stored in a temporary system variable and is later analyzed in the test
* case.
* This hook is called during module_enable() and since this hook
* implementation is invoked, we have to expect that this module and dependent
* modules have been properly installed already. So we expect to be able to
* retrieve the entity information that has been registered by the required
* dependency module.
* @see EnableDisableTestCase::testEntityCache()
* @see entity_cache_test_dependency_entity_info()
function entity_cache_test_watchdog() {
$info = entity_get_info('entity_cache_test');
variable_set('entity_cache_test', $info);
function entity_cache_test_watchdog($log_entry) {
if ($log_entry['type'] == 'system' && $log_entry['message'] == '%module module installed.') {
$info = entity_get_info('entity_cache_test');
// Store the information in a system variable to analyze it later in the
// test case.
variable_set('entity_cache_test', $info);
......@@ -161,11 +161,14 @@ class EnableDisableTestCase extends ModuleTestCase {
* Tests entity cache after enabling a module with a dependency on an enitity
* providing module.
* @see entity_cache_test_watchdog()
function testEntityCache() {
$info = variable_get('entity_cache_test');
$this->assertNotNull($info, t('Entity information must not be NULL'));
$this->assertEqual($info['label'], 'Entity Cache Test', 'Entity info label is correct.');
$this->assertEqual($info['controller class'], 'DrupalDefaultEntityController', 'Entity controller class info is correct.');
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