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Issue #1318316 by xjm: AssertTaxonomyPage is missing documentation.

parent 44230198
......@@ -1088,7 +1088,15 @@ class NodeAccessBaseTableTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
protected function assertTaxonomyPage($super) {
* Checks taxonomy/term listings to ensure only accessible nodes are listed.
* @param $is_admin
* A boolean indicating whether the current user is an administrator. If
* TRUE, all nodes should be listed. If FALSE, only public nodes and the
* user's own private nodes should be listed.
protected function assertTaxonomyPage($is_admin) {
foreach (array($this->publicTid, $this->privateTid) as $tid_is_private => $tid) {
$this->nids_visible = array();
......@@ -1101,8 +1109,9 @@ class NodeAccessBaseTableTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
// Private nodes should be visible on the private term page,
// public nodes should be visible on the public term page.
$should_be_visible = $tid_is_private == $is_private;
// Non-superusers on the private page can only see their own nodes.
if (!$super && $tid_is_private) {
// Non-administrators can only see their own nodes on the private
// term page.
if (!$is_admin && $tid_is_private) {
$should_be_visible = $should_be_visible && $uid == $this->webUser->uid;
$this->assertIdentical(isset($this->nids_visible[$nid]), $should_be_visible, strtr('A %private node by user %uid is %visible for user %current_uid on the %tid_is_private page.', array(
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