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    Dries Buytaert authored
    User module and DA modules:
      + Updated the documentation to use a Jabber or Drupal IDs instead of
        Deplhi IDs (as delphi.module won't be part of the default distro).
        Drupal and Jabber authentication make a better example.
      + added missing localization / t() functions in
      + applied coding convention:
          * fixed indentation
          * removed "EOF"; and <<EOFs from user module
          * changed some HTML into XHTML: use small letters, quote
          * quoted some array indices: $edit[foo] --> $edit["foo"]
      + removed some useless sprintf()'s
      + removed hard-coded references to drop.org.
      + I don't think the authentication methods should /know/ there help
        link.  Instead, the user module should now where to find the help
        (it does by knowing the hook to look for), and it is the user
        module that should take care of exporting the help to the preferred
          * removed the "link" field from the $info field in drupal_info
            and jabber_info; it wasn't used anyway?
      + removed the "maintainer" and "maintaineremail" from the auth
        modules; we don't keep this info in the other modules either so
        I don't see a reason to do so here.