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    - Patch 8756 by Morbus: · e21f238a
    Dries authored
    * improves the doxygentation and help text.
    * deletes comment_admin and comment_page; using proper callbacks instead.
    * related/modified callbacks/menus/functions were tweaked to not use arg() at all.
    * the "settings" subtab was weighted to -10 so it'd appear first (in prep of JonBob's local default).
    * moderation pages weren't properly showing defined votes or thresholds; fixed.
    * when moderation votes or thresholds didn't exist, no error stating as such was shown; fixed.
    * we show "submit votes" on the moderation votes page only when votes actually exist.
    * fixes the (broken in CVS) comment/reply and comment/edit features.
    * fixes the (broken in CVS) "save settings" for comment view options and comment moderation.
    In addition I:
    * fixed a couple warnings introduced by Morbus' patch.
    * fixed a couple translation bugs.
    * fixed comment_node_url().
    I also found that:
    * the collapsed comment views (i.e. 'threaded list - collapsed) are broken.