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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Fixed glitch in block module: the admin links were not composed
      correctly.  Patch by Stefan.
    - Added missing t() functions and improved the %x directives for
      better readability and to ease the process of translating your
      site.  Patches by Stefan.
    - Made two small additions to the 'code-clean.sh' script; it will
      now remove patch related junk.
    - I removed the · related bits.  Let's tackle these later on
      in a separate patch after we got some sort of consensus.
    - I removed the 'module_exist("drupal")' check in the user module;
      I *think* it is incomplete and therefore incorrect.
    - Stefan, try using quotes in your translations and check whether
      everything still works.  Example: translate the "Create account"
      button to "Create \"haha\" account \'hihi\'" and see if you can
      still create new accounts.  Maybe automate this using a quick
      hack in the locale module ...