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    Again, a large batch of updates - I'm twisting things around here:
     1. improved .htaccess to be more "secure": to keep prying
        eyes out
     2. rewrote the administration section from scratch using a
        modular approach
     3. improved the information gathered by error.php - we can
        now (hopefully) track what bots are crawling us.
     4. fixed a bug in submit.php, fixed a bug in theme zaphod,
        fixed a bug in theme marvin.
     5. rewrote cron from scratch - it now interfaces with
        modules as it should have been from the beginning.
        Very cool if you ask me - it can use UNIX/Linux
     6. updated widget.inc to be module aware - needs more
        work though - maybe this afternoon?
     7. updated most modules: small bugfixes, improvements, and
        even the documentation
     8. removed diary.php and made it a module - you can now
        run a drop.org site without a diary system if someone
        would prefer so
     9. updated all themes to use the new modules where
     10. added a robots.txt because the error message in the
         watchdog become annoying.
     11. added the new configuration system (mutliple vhosts
         on the same source tree) - use hostname.conf instead
         of config.inc
     12. removed calendar.inc and made it a module
     13. added format_interval() to functions.inc (UnConeD)
     14. whatever I forgot ...
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