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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Moved most of the options in structure.module to node.module.  The
      structure.module either needs work, or replacement by index.module:
      see "admin > node > node settings".
      It will do for now and it can always made better when we can think
      of a better solution; it is the best I could think of.   Now what?
      index.module or structure.module?  I'm currently pro index.module.
    - Drastically simplified "variable.inc".
    - Removed most dependecies on structure.module from all content related
      modules.  Thus making our modules more modular.  ;)
    - Fixed calculation glitch in queue.module.
    - Fixed potential function name clash/conflict in rating.module, and
      simplified some code on my way.
    - Started removing all global variables $status and $rstatus.  Global
      variables are "yucky" so in near future, we will replace all global
      $status variables by a call to node_status().  Originally, $status
      was only introduced as a temporary hack and nothing is as permanent
      as a temporary hack so I took it out when still possible.
    - Changed the watchdog messages a bit.