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    Patch by Moshe Weitzman:
    - request_uri() behaves on non-apache web servers. i've tested on IIS and
    apache (many platforms).
    - modules may now implement the _search_item() hook which overrides the
    default formatting of search results. modules already can customize which
    fields are indexed. no module currently uses this hook but
    externalpage.module expects to do so.
    - added an optional $attribs argument to l(), lm(), and la() which is an
    associative array of attributes which are inserted into the <a> tag (feature
    - drupal_str_replace() is deleted (i had recently added it). i verified that
    no scripts are currently calling this function. use strtr() or str_replace()
    - arbitrary elements may be added to the <channel> and <item> blocks of an
    RSS feed by passing the $args associative array. the core RSS engine is now
    able to support elements like <cloud> and <catagory> [1] and RSS 1.0[2]
    [1] http://backend.userland.com/rss092
    [2] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rss-dev/files/namespace.html
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