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    Dries Buytaert authored
    Commiting my work of last Sunday:
     - removed ban.inc and ban.module and integrated it in account.module
       under the name "access control" --> the ban code was not really up
       to standard so this has now been dealt with.  This refactoring and
       reintegration cuts down the code size with 100 lines too.  :-)
       (The ban.module code was really old and it showed.)
     - added node.module and made the other modules reuse some of this
       code --> cut down the code size of modules by at least 100 lines
       and adds stability.
     - added a status() function to admin.php to display a conform status
       message where appropriate.  See admin.php for usage.
     - removed $theme->control() and made comments.inc handle this itself
       wrapped in a $theme->box().  No need to clutter the themes with
       such complexity --> updated all themes already. :-)
     - some small visual changes to some administration pages to be more
       consistent across different modules.