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    * Applied slightly modified version of Marco's taxonomy patch:
     - Fixed a bug with get_tree and multiple parents.
     - Fixed 3 wrong caches (this will avoid some queries).
     - Extension to taxonomy_term_count_nodes() (feature #159): "currently
       calling taxonomy_term_count_nodes() returns the amount of nodes in each
       term, would it be possible to extend this function so that it would only
       return the amount of nodes of a certain type under each term.
     - Confirm deleting a vocabulary or a term (requested by Moshe).
     - Use form_weight() in vocabulary and term forms.
     - After submitting a term, we end up at the term page (requested by Moshe).
     - Added status messages when adding, editing and deleting vocabularies and
     - Minor clean ups
    * Made sure all modules use the same link delimiter; "|" for now.