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    Great patch from Ulf:
    - The href target for a new window is "_new", not "new".
    - Generating <div> sections within <p> sections is forbidden by the
      XHTML standard. Using just the right aligned <div> should be
      sufficient and makes XHTML themes possible.
      (Prove at http://blog.rompe.org/ )
    - While parsing the header of an RSS feed one should be aware that
      there may be more <title> tags in subsections and that POSIX regular
      expressions are always gready. So make shure we don't get too much.
      (If you agree that using PCRE instead of the POSIX ones would be
      generally a good idea, then I am willing to make the patch, but for
      now I didn't want to mix POSIX and PCRE in one file.)
      (Prove at http://blog.rompe.org/index.php?q=import/feed/43 , try
      this feed without my patch)
    - Some RSS 2.0 feeds don't have a per item <link> section but have the
      permalink embedded in the <guid> section. This is not perfectly
      correct and the documentation mentions this possibility only in the
      examples, but since Dave Winer himself implements it this way it
      will happen more than once. So, if there is no link available and
      the guid looks like an address, then use that one.
      (Prove at http://blog.rompe.org/index.php?q=import/feed/22 , try
      this feed without my patch)
    - Don't only write eventually new Feed Header information into the
      database but also use them immediatly. Reuse the $feed array that is
      made for it.
    - If a feed doesn't provide per item titles, make shure to not produce
      defective markup by cutting the remainder of an entity. Instead of
      just cutting off anything behing the leading 30 characters of the
      cleaned description, it seems slicker to use up to 40 characters and
      split on word boundaries, but not on "&" or ";".
      (Prove also at http://blog.rompe.org/index.php?q=import/feed/22 .
      This feed will have title tags starting on February 1st, but I
      suspect many others without them out there.)
    With this patch one could consider Drupals aggregator RSS 2.0 ready.