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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Redid settings.module and even renamed it to conf.module.
        * Settings are now grouped in basic categories like "system
          settings", "module settings" and "filters".
      * Added new settings to make Drupal easier to configure and
      to make some aspects like the watchdog scale better.
    - Renamed includes/settings.php to includes/conf.php.
    - Added filter support to conf.module and introduced filter hooks so
      modules can implement and export new filters.  Example filters are
      an HTML filter (implemented), a profanity filter, an url converter,
      ASCII smileys to images filter and so on ...
    - Reworked the check_* functions: user contributed content/input is
      only verified and filtered once in its lifespan.
    - Altough this is a large commit, no database changes are required.