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    - Bugfix: made request_uri() rewrite ( and ) with their entity equivalents · 05288ac4
    Dries authored
    to avoid XSS attacks!  Patch by Al, Moshe, Marco, Kjartan and me.
    - Bugfix: the admin module does now import drupal.css prior to admin.css.
    Patch by me.
    - Bugfix: the admin module was still emitting a <base href=""> tag.  I
    removed this as it is been taken care of by theme_head();  Patch by me.
    - Bugfix: made the tracker module's pager only consider published pages.
    Patch by Moshe.
    - Bugfix: cured some typos in the comment module's help function.  Patch by
    - Bugfix: fixed a typo in the pager_display() that caused optional
    attributes to be discarded.
    - Bugfix: made the Xtemplate emit empty boxes like any other theme does.
    Patch by Al.
    - Bugfix: fixed broken link on the statistics module's log page.
    Reported by Kjartan.
    - CSS improvements: made the HTML output emitted by the tracker module
    look nicer.  Patch by Moshe and Al.
    - CSS improvements: added CSS classes for form elements.  Patch by Al.
    - CSS improvements: added a vertical gap between the last form item and the
    submit button.  Patch by Al.  Note that Opera 6 is not picking up this
    CSS but apparently others browsers such as Konqueror do.
    - Xtemplate improvements: changed the color of the selected day in the
    archive module's calendar.  Patch by Al.
    - Usability improvements: made the "birthday" field of the profile module
    look nicer.  Patch by Al.
    - TODO: it might be a good idea to emit the following meta tag in the
    theme_head() function:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
    Currently, some themes (and modules!) emit this while others don't.  This
    would also make it possible to change the charset site-wide.
    - TODO: now we added support for td.dark and td.light to drupal.css, maybe
    it can be removed from admin.css as well as xtemplate.css?
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