Fixes 2867837, 2861310, 2869946, 2885374, 2878955

Issue #2878955 by t3kn0ph34r, Kingdutch: Support simple_sitemap as alternative to XML Sitemap on configuration page
Issue #2885374 by flesheater: The "Real-time SEO for Drupal" field is not appearing
Issue #2869946 by Kingdutch: Token types are not defined but have tokens Drupal 8.3.0
Revert "Issue #2773075 by Homotechsual, Almare: Missing Tokens"
Issue #2861310 by Kingdutch: REAL-TIME SEO FOR DRUPAL Field inactive (NA)
Issue #2867837 by kamkejj, John Graffio, amatzies, kingdutch: Yoast upgrade to 8.x-1.2 causes a database upgrade to never finish
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