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......@@ -3,19 +3,13 @@ aegir-provision for Debian
This is part of the Aegir suite. This package takes care of installing
the provision file in the proper location so it's seen by Drush and sets
up some directories and the aegir user. See the INSTALL.txt in the
hostmaster project for install instructions:
up some directories and the aegir user. Once this package is installed,
the frontend needs to be manually installed using:
su -u aegir -c 'drush hostmaster-install'
The directories, under Debian, are:
Aegir is installed under /var/aegir. I haven't gone through the trouble
of separating the directories to follow the FHS, as Aegir doesn't
support this well yet.
Platforms and Aegir home: /var/lib/aegir
Backups: /var/backups/aegir
Configs: /etc/aegir
All those directories should be owned by the webserver user. You will
need to enter those paths in the install wizard when setting up the
platforms and frontend.
-- Antoine Beaupré <>, Fri, 12 Jun 2009 17:11:14 -0400
-- Antoine Beaupré <>, Tue, 23 Nov 2010 17:11:14 -0400
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