Unverified Commit 80e6c25f authored by heddn's avatar heddn
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Fixes #259 by inverting the order of arguments to the event dispatcher

parent 0a1f9752
......@@ -83,5 +83,5 @@ function migrate_plus_migration_plugins_alter(array &$migrations) {
* Implements hook_migrate_prepare_row().
function migrate_plus_migrate_prepare_row(Row $row, MigrateSourceInterface $source, MigrationInterface $migration) {
\Drupal::service('event_dispatcher')->dispatch(MigrateEvents::PREPARE_ROW, new MigratePrepareRowEvent($row, $source, $migration));
\Drupal::service('event_dispatcher')->dispatch(new MigratePrepareRowEvent($row, $source, $migration), MigrateEvents::PREPARE_ROW);
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