Commit 0b7a1cf6 authored by Andrew Macpherson's avatar Andrew Macpherson Committed by Lucas Hedding
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Issue #3004775 by andrewmacpherson, heddn: README incorrectly refers to hook_prepare_row()

parent 2dbfdd4b
......@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@ Extensions to base API
migration configuration.
* A MigrationGroup configuration entity is provided, which enables migrations to
be organized in groups, and to maintain shared configuration in one place.
* A MigrateEvents::PREPARE_ROW event is provided to dispatch hook_prepare_row()
invocations as events.
* A MigrateEvents::PREPARE_ROW event is provided to dispatch
hook_migrate_prepare_row() invocations as events.
* A SourcePluginExtension class is provided, enabling one to define fields and
IDs for a source plugin via configuration rather than requiring PHP code.
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