Commit 059d3a8e authored by heddn's avatar heddn
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switch to use plugin method to get migration tags

parent 2d4ed02c
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ class Migration extends ConfigEntityBase implements MigrationInterface {
$entity_array['id'] = $new_plugin_id;
$plugin_definition = $migration_plugin->getPluginDefinition();
$migration_details['class'] = $plugin_definition['class'];
$entity_array['migration_tags'] = $plugin_definition['migration_tags'];
$entity_array['migration_tags'] = $migration_plugin->getMigrationTags();
$entity_array['label'] = $migration_plugin->label();
$entity_array['source'] = $migration_plugin->getSourceConfiguration();
$entity_array['destination'] = $migration_plugin->getDestinationConfiguration();
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