Commit 773d3e81 authored by Jeremy's avatar Jeremy Committed by Jeremy

Issue #2382225 by Jeremy: Support Memcached SASL

parent a6a1ca8b
......@@ -477,10 +477,10 @@ An example configuration block is below, this block also illustrates our
default options (selected through performance testing). These options will be
set unless overridden in settings.php.
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
These are as follows:
......@@ -503,3 +503,20 @@ Other options you could experiment with:
reported that this can speed up the Binary protocol (see above). This
tells the TCP stack to send packets immediately and without waiting for
a full payload, reducing per-packet network latency (disabling "Nagling").
It's possible to enable SASL authentication as documented here:
SASL authentication requires a memcached server with SASL support (version 1.4.3
or greater built with --enable-sasl and started with the -S flag) and the PECL
memcached client version 2.0.0 or greater also built with SASL support. Once
these requirements are satisfied you can then enable SASL support in the Drupal
memcache module by enabling the binary protocol and setting
memcache_sasl_username and memcache_sasl_password in settings.php. For example:
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
$conf['memcache_sasl_username'] = 'yourSASLUsername';
$conf['memcache_sasl_password'] = 'yourSASLPassword';
......@@ -636,6 +636,9 @@ function dmemcache_instance() {
foreach ($memconf as $key => $value) {
$memcache->setOption($key, $value);
if ($sasl_username = variable_get('memcache_sasl_username', '') && $sasl_password = variable_get('memcache_sasl_password', '')) {
$memcache->setSaslAuthData($sasl_username, $sasl_password);
return $memcache;
else {
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