Commit 3b7ae61a authored by tstoeckler's avatar tstoeckler

Issue #2882709 by Kingdutch: Fix "LibraryIdAccessorInterface" name

parent 061ead08
Libraries 8.x-3.x, xxxx-xx-xx
#2882709 by Kingdutch: Fix "LibraryIdAccessorInterface" name
#2833756 by 20th: Check that public://library-definitions directory does not exist
#2825940 by tstoeckler, rjacobs: Remove LibrariesServiceProvider
#2816115 by rjacobs: Remove ExtensionHandler service
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ namespace Drupal\libraries\ExternalLibrary\Utility;
* Provides an interface for classes giving access to a library ID.
interface LibraryAccessorIdInterface {
interface LibraryIdAccessorInterface {
* Returns the ID of the library.
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