Commit 8a35d39d authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat Committed by anarcat

more feedback in script

parent ac86df64
#! /bin/sh
read -p "This will kill your hostmaster install, continue? [y/N]" prompt
if [ "$prompt" != "y" ]; then
echo "Good! wise decision, aborting"
exit 1
read -p "No really, are you *sure* you want to do this? [yes/NO!]" prompt
if [ "$prompt" != "yes" ]; then
echo "Phew! had the finger on the button there..."
exit 1
echo "alright, you asked for it (twice!)"
echo "destroying sql database..."
mysql -e 'drop database hostmaster; create database hostmaster;'
echo "removing vhost configs..."
cd /var/hostmaster
rm config/vhost.d/*
echo "updating provision source"
(cd .drush/provision && cvs up )
echo "updating drush source"
(cd drush && cvs up )
echo "restoring default settings.php"
cd drupal-5.x
echo "current database password for hostmaster"
grep '^\$db_url' sites/default/settings.php
rm sites/default/settings.php
cvs up sites/default
echo "removing all sites"
rm -rf sites
cvs up -dP sites
echo "fixing perms on settings.php for drupal install"
chmod 666 sites/default/settings.php
rm -rf sites/[^d]* ; echo removed all sites but: sites/d*
(cd .drush/provision; cvs up )
echo updating install profile source
cd profiles/hostmaster; cvs up
echo updating hosting source
(cd modules/hosting; cvs up -C )
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