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#3184221 - Checks that field_ui is enabled

My project doesn't have enabled field_ui module out of dev site and this can cause error on some admin pages. "Drupal\Core\Entity\Exception\UndefinedLinkTemplateException: No link template 'edit-form' found for the 'entity_form_mode' entity type in Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityBase->toUrl() (line 196 of /var/www/html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityBase.php)."

I checked the codebase and the error occurs when something try to retrieves the permission and it calls FormModeManagerPermissions::buildFormModePermissions() function which call url function on form_mode entity. The default param of the url() function 'edit-form', but the path of 'edit-form' is defined in field_ui module.

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