Commit 1fe7cdc8 authored by metzlerd's avatar metzlerd
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Remove obsolete demo reports access.

parent 6a2f159f
......@@ -873,7 +873,6 @@ function forena_parameters_callback($form, &$form_state) {
function forena_permission() {
$perms = array(
'administer forena reports' => array('title' => t('Administer Forena Reports')),
'access demo reports' => array('title' => t('Access Demo Reports')),
'list reports' => array('title' => t('List reports')),
'create any report' => array('title' => t('Create a report')),
'design any report' => array('title' => t('Design reports')),
......@@ -175,11 +175,6 @@
<th>Access Demo Reports</th>
<td>Even though this is one of the available permissions, it doesn't seem to be used anywhere within Forena (except in
forena.test). Feel free to use it to implement {datablocks_security} for any of your (custom) reports.</td>
<th>List reports</th>
<td>Grant access to:
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