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Issue #1543858 by danquah, pp, alexpott, dawehner, cilefen, jmolivas, esod,...

Issue #1543858 by danquah, pp, alexpott, dawehner, cilefen, jmolivas, esod, jhedstrom, andypost, kenorb, bserem: Add a startup configuration for the built-in PHP server that supports clean URLs
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* @file
* Router script for the built-in PHP web server.
* The built-in web server should only be used for development and testing as it
* has a number of limitations that makes running Drupal on it highly insecure
* and somewhat limited.
* Note that:
* - The server is single-threaded, any requests made during the execution of
* the main request will hang until the main request has been completed.
* - The web server does not enforce any of the settings in .htaccess in
* particular a remote user will be able to download files that normally would
* be protected from direct access such as .module files.
* The router script is needed to work around a bug in PHP, see
* Usage:
* php -S localhost:8888 .ht.router.php
* @see
$url = parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
if (file_exists('.' . $url['path'])) {
// Serve the requested resource as-is.
return FALSE;
// The use of a router script means that a number of $_SERVER variables have to
// be updated to point to the index-file.
$index_file_absolute = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'index.php';
$index_file_relative = DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'index.php';
// SCRIPT_FILENAME will point to the router script itself, it should point to
// the full path of index.php.
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] = $index_file_absolute;
// SCRIPT_NAME and PHP_SELF will either point to index.php or contain the full
// virtual path being requested depending on the URL being requested. They
// should always point to index.php relative to document root.
$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] = $index_file_relative;
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = $index_file_relative;
// Require the main index.php and let core take over.
require $index_file_absolute;
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