Commit 92112208 authored by mcdruid's avatar mcdruid

Issue #973436 by catch, joseph.olstad, beejeebus, karschsp, pillarsdotnet,...

Issue #973436 by catch, joseph.olstad, beejeebus, karschsp, pillarsdotnet, mcdruid, DamienMcKenna, carlos8f, sun, dsobon, kentr, Damien Tournoud, pounard, Fabianx, xjm, fgm, Steven Jones, David_Rothstein, donquixote, amateescu, MustangGB, Lars Toomre,, Jeremy, DanPir, nnewton, yonailo, Peter Bowey, RobLoach, gdaw, dsutter, joel_osc, nareshp, izmeez, joelpittet, torgosPizza, crea, tim.plunkett, YesCT, stefan.r, rwohleb: Overzealous locking in variable_initialize()
parent e1892643
......@@ -1189,19 +1189,21 @@ function variable_initialize($conf = array()) {
$variables = $cached->data;
else {
// Cache miss. Avoid a stampede.
// Cache miss. Avoid a stampede by acquiring a lock. If the lock fails to
// acquire, optionally just continue with uncached processing.
$name = 'variable_init';
if (!lock_acquire($name, 1)) {
// Another request is building the variable cache.
// Wait, then re-run this function.
$lock_acquired = lock_acquire($name, 1);
if (!$lock_acquired && variable_get('variable_initialize_wait_for_lock', FALSE)) {
return variable_initialize($conf);
else {
// Proceed with variable rebuild.
// Load the variables from the table.
$variables = array_map('unserialize', db_query('SELECT name, value FROM {variable}')->fetchAllKeyed());
cache_set('variables', $variables, 'cache_bootstrap');
if ($lock_acquired) {
cache_set('variables', $variables, 'cache_bootstrap');
......@@ -691,3 +691,13 @@
* @see user_user_flood_control()
# $conf['log_user_flood_control'] = FALSE;
* Opt out of variable_initialize() locking optimization.
* After lengthy discussion in a change was
* made in variable_initialize() in order to avoid excessive waiting under
* certain conditions. Set this variable to TRUE in order to opt out of this
* optimization and revert to the original behaviour.
# $conf['variable_initialize_wait_for_lock'] = FALSE;
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