Commit 00c28887 authored by David_Rothstein's avatar David_Rothstein

Add links to Drupal 7.17 change notifications to CHANGELOG.txt.

parent 7208952f
......@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ Drupal 7.17, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
database tables changing from VARCHAR to TEXT fields).
- Added hook_taxonomy_term_view() and standardized the process for rendering
taxonomy terms to invoke hook_entity_view() and otherwise make it consistent
with other entities (API change).
with other entities (API change:
- Added hook_entity_view_mode_alter() to allow modules to change entity view
modes on display.
modes on display (API addition:
- Fixed a bug which made database queries running a "LIKE" query on blob fields
fail on PostgreSQL databases. This caused errors during the Drupal 6 to
Drupal 7 upgrade.
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