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Issue #3167811: Adjust annotation declaration of used Interface in constructor...


Notes for gitlab administrators

Somehow existing commit rebased into branch 9.1.x inside fork issue/drupal-3006502 this looks more properly and Merge request following right way to be Merged or Rebased. i have created banch called drupal-3167811 and it cause Nice auto description for MR:

From issue/drupal-3006502:issue/drupal-3167811 into project/drupal:9.1.x

so i am going to call branches next time with additional destination branch like that: drupal-3167811/9.1.x then it could be used for prediction somewhere in gitlab

From issue/drupal-3006502:issue/drupal-3167811/9.1.x into project/drupal:9.1.x

What was done: Adjusted annotation declaration of used Interface in constructor for EntityModerationForm

With this naming i see that deletion source branch become more obvious.

@fyi: I manually changed the branch into which i want to merge in final repo it was project/drupal:9.0.x i suppose it related to previous step where performed compare action. I but in branch 9.0.x changes caused this issue are not represented. so maybe here in gitlab rules should be something related to source branches containing changes or other. Sorry for mess.

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