Commit ce9c71f6 authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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Issue #1799700 by attiks: Fixed Missing space in breakpoint.

parent 7be7d812
mobile: '(min-width: 0px)' mobile: '(min-width: 0px)'
narrow: 'all and (min-width: 560px) and (max-width:850px)' narrow: 'all and (min-width: 560px) and (max-width: 850px)'
wide: 'all and (min-width: 851px)' wide: 'all and (min-width: 851px)'
...@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ body, ...@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ body,
padding: 0 10px; padding: 0 10px;
} }
@media all and (min-width: 560px) and (max-width:850px) { @media all and (min-width: 560px) and (max-width: 850px) {
#sidebar-first, #sidebar-first,
.region-triptych-first, .region-triptych-first,
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