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    Dries Buytaert authored
    Welp.  Large commit ahead.
    - Added "read" and "write" permissions into drupal but removed
      it again because - when finished after 3 hours of work - it
      was considered nothing but added complexity that didn't buy
      us anything. :I
      (I'll explain this in detail on the mailing list, I guess.)
    - Added a very simple help.module to group all available
      documentation on a single page.
    - Fixed bug in node_control(), book.module: UnConeD forgot to
      global $user when updating the combobox code.
    - Removed static wishlist.module: in future, the wishlist can
      be maintained as a page in our collaborative book.
    - Revised most of settings.module: tidied up the code and the
      descriptions to accompany the settings and introduced a new
      "default maximum number of nodes to display on the main page"
    - Revised most of comment.module: the administration interface
      looks better now, integrated node permissions, and -finally-
      made it possible to delete comments.
    - Polished on:
       + account.module
       + structure.module
       + locale.module
       + module.module
       + forum.module
    - Form-ified:
       + account.php
       + account.module
       + setting.module
       + cvs.module
       + submit.php
       + comment.module
       + forum.module
       + book.module
       + page.module
       + locale.module
    - Updated CHANGELOG
    - Designed a "generic tracker system with optional backends"
      on paper.  The idea is to allow registered users to hot-list
      certain topics, individual nodes or threads (comments) and
      to "plug-in" output backends like - for instance - an e-mail
      digest.  The design requires "intelligent blocks" though.
    - I want to tidy up the headline.module and backend.class as
      well as merge in headlineRSS10.module.  Julian spent quite
      some time working on headline.module but I'm not sure what
      he changed and whether he'd contribute it back?