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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - node.module:
       + Changed node_form() to use good ol' tables instead of div/CSS-tags.
       + Revised the "revision API": I think we have both an easy and powerful
         API now that should make everyone happy.
       + Improved the usability of the rollback functionality a bit.
       + Removed the "view node" link from the "node overview" page in the
         admin section and added a "delete node" link instead.
       + Added a few missing translations; there might be missing more
         translations though.
    - book.module:
       + Made the book module use the "revision API" instead of having it poke
         and use the innards and underlying details of the revision system.
    - queue.module:
       + Made the queue module use the improved revision number.
       + Applied Moshe's patch: added more arguments to module_invoke()
       + Added support for more header fields and for folded fields
    - no database updates required