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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Added Marco's long-awaited taxonmy module and patches - a replacement
      for the meta system.  The patches add some extra functionality to the
      comment system (for example, comments can be set read-only) and fix a
      couple of small problems.
      + I integrated the required SQL updates from the varius *.mysql files
        into the "update.php" script.  Upgrading should be easy ...
      + I did not apply/commit the "user.diff" as requested by Marco ...
      + I didn't know what to do with "forum.module" and "forum2.module":
        what do you want me to do with it Marco?  Which one should go in?
      + Can we remove "node_index()" now; both from "node.module" and the
      + Thanks Marco!