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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Uhm.  Rewrote the module system: less code clutter, less run-time
      overhead, and a lot better (simpler) module API.  I had to edit a
      LOT of files to get this refactored but I'm sure it was worth the
      For module writers / maintainers:
      None of the hooks changed, so 95% of the old modules should still
      work.  You can remove some code instead as "$module = array(...)"
      just became obsolete.  Also - and let's thank God for this - the
      global variable "$repository" has been eliminated to avoid modules
      relying on, and poking in drupal's internal data structures.  Take
      a look at include/ to investigate the details/changes.
    - Improved design of the content modules "story", "book" and "node"
      (to aid smooth integration of permisions + moderate.module).  I'm
      still working on the permissions but I got side tracked for which
      I "Oops!".